1. Step: Download Installer for Windows/XP/7/8 setup_MCTDHB-Lab_v1.5.exe

Download->MCTDHB-Lab->Lab v1.5 [with MCTDHB v.3.2.31]

 In the new window select installer for Windows/XP/7/8 and click on Download-button:

2. Step. Installation:

1. Double-click on just-downloaded setup_MCTDHB-Lab_v1.5.exe

2.  Tell your firewall (in this example COMODO) that this is trustable installer


 a new installer-window "MCTDHB-Lab " appears:

 click "Next>", then select the directory where to install the package, typically


 wait till end of the installation process... and on your Desktop a new application icon appear:

3. Step: First run (Important!!!) to let your firewall  know about MCTDHB-Lab

Launch the MCTDHB-Lab by double-clicking the just-appeared MCTDHB-Lab icon and if your firewall asks, let it know that MCTDHB-Lab is the trusted update or installer ... (please post a comment if you have a problem)


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