How to install: Mac OS 10.9 and later

1. Step: Download Mac OS installer  setup_MCTDHB-Lab_v1.5.mpkg.tgz

Download->MCTDHB-Lab->Lab v1.5 [with MCTDHB v.3.2.31]

 In the new window push Download-button:

 In the new window

                              I. click on setup_MCTDHB-Lab_v1.5.mpkg

                             II. right-click and open .....

 Now you have to allow this file for installation:


2. Step: Installation

In Finder - Double-click on setup_MCTDHB-Lab_v1.5.mpkg to install

3. Step: Congratulations MCTDHB-Lab has been successfully installed

enjoy it, see next: Getting Started...


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