1. Step: Download Installer for Unix/Ubuntu/Debian/Suse/Sci-Linux/Mint setup_MCTDHB-Lab_v1.5.linux

Download->MCTDHB-Lab->Lab v1.5 [with MCTDHB v.3.2.31]

 In the new window select installer for Unix (Sci-Unix,Debian,Ubuntu,Suse,...) and click on Download-button:

2. Step. Installation:

Double-click on just-downloaded setup_MCTDHB-Lab_v1.5.linux would not work, you have to apply the necessary permissions to this file (on *nix systems via CHMOD):

Open a terminal and

I. cd $HOME/Downloads - to the directory where setup_MCTDHB-Lab_v1.5.linux has been downloaded, usually $HOME/Downloads, look on the file details ls -ltr setup_MCTDHB-Lab_v1.5.linux

II. You have to apply the necessary permissions via command  chmod 755 ./setup_MCTDHB-Lab_v1.5.linux , look on the new permissions ls -ltr setup_MCTDHB-Lab_v1.5.linux

III. Launch the installer  ./setup_MCTDHB-Lab_v1.5.linux

cd $HOME/Downloads
ls -ltr setup_MCTDHB-Lab_v1.5.linux
755 ./setup_MCTDHB-Lab_v1.5.linux
ls -ltr setup_MCTDHB-Lab_v1.5.linux

 Then follow the instructions in the terminal:


 3. Step: Lunch the MCTDHB-Lab by double-clicking on the just-appeared MCTDHB-Lab icon...


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