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MCTDHB-Lab is the front-end of the MCTDHB package developed (2006-present) in the “Many-Body Theory of Bosons” group at the Center for Quantum Dynamics, Heidelberg University, Germany 

MCTDHB-Laboratory is a scientific cross-platform (Win/Mac/Linux) environment with a mouse-click interface designed to solve the Time-Dependent many-body Schrödinger Equation for bosons based on the Multi-Configurational Time-Dependent Hartree for Bosons method. It solves coupled systems of non-linear integro-differential time-dependent equations by utilizing different combinations of massive (MPI, OpenMP, CUDA) parallelization schemes. MCTDHB-Lab allows to analyze and visualize the solutions obtained. The command-line interface is still supported.

Two modifications of the MCTDHB-Lab are available:

  • Professional version designed for super-computers (requires registration)  – it supports all parallelization schemes and includes additional tools, e.g., source-codes for package development.


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