Business Plan

So far (May 2015), the MCTDHB-Laboratory exists due to the enthusiasm of the developers without any supporting funds

If you are interested in sponsoring this virtual Laboratory, please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Business plan for the QD-Lab project:

Duration of the QD-Lab project: up to 3 years

QD-Lab Project requires funds for 

Financial support (salary) of the members of the working team:

  • Project-Leader-Architect (full time)
  • HPC coder (full time)
  • Java-FX coder (full time)
  • Web-developer-designer (Joomla) (half-time)
  • Author(s) for Quantum Lessons (contract per lesson)


  • Standard few-processor desktops with Xeon-Phi co-processors, and GPU on board with Linux/Win/Mac OS
  • Notebooks with Win/Linux/Mac OS
  • Access to the clouds with possibilities to perform computations
  • Computational time on supercomputers


  • C/C++/Fortran compilers for Win/Mac/Linux with MPI/OpenMP/Cuda...
  • Blas/Lapack/FFT: Intel MKL, ACML etc..
  • Environments for software development e.g. Visual Studio, Netbeans etc.
  • Emulators of Virtual-Machines (VMware, VirtualBox)
  • File-sharing clouds (DropBox etc)
  • Installers for Win/Mac
  • Software signing expenses, e.g. licences for MAC/Win development (for example, the Mac Developer Program annual fee is 99 USD)
  • Web-hosting, domain-names etc...
  • Joomla extensions 
  • Java and JavaFX based extensions (3D Plotters, Editors, etc.)
  • MS Office for Win and Mac
  • Skype/Viber/Whatsapp cell-phones telephone

Travel/Conference expenses:

  • Joint meeting of the working team (2 times per year)
  • Participation of thematic conferences (1-2 time per year)

 Total cost of the project: 750 000 €

Outcome of the QD-Lab project is a free, parallel scientific environment (package) with user-friendly interface capable of describing quantum many-body dynamics in complex mixtures of fermions and bosons with possible conversion therein.